In 2017, we all know about the power of social media, and as small business owners, most of you would have considered it or used it as a tool for your business. Creating a social media presence for your brand can connect you with customers, other businesses, industry experts, potential employees, and more.

Like any other tool for your business, it’s important to plan and implement a strategy for your social media use. Good content is crucial, so the team at Michels Warren PR has put together some quick tips to ensure you are making the most of what social media has to offer your business:

  1. Imagery

No matter the platform, try not to post without an image. Text based posts can get lost in the clutter of social media newsfeeds, and are not as engaging as images and photographs. Wherever you can, use your own imagery – photographs of real events, customers and staff, and keep the quality of the images high. You don’t need to be a professional photographer – most smartphones will take a great picture.


  1. The power of video

Video content is on the rise, and will soon make up most of what we see on the internet. Currently, approximately 55% of people watch videos online every day. Short videos are a powerful story telling tool, and are a very effective way of communicating your message. There are many free tools available to help you create these vignettes, but if you’re not feeling creative, this is something a PR professional can help with.


  1. Regular and relevant

Social media is all about instant communication and regular updates. Posts should be made regularly without inundating the newsfeeds of your followers – aim for two to three times a week to start with. Of course, there may be times when you post more or less frequently, and that makes sense – you should only be posting when you have something to say. Ensure your content is relevant to your target followers, and that it reflects your brand. If you’re not sure what it is you want your social media to say about you, or how to say it, contact a PR professional – that’s what we do best!


  1. Plan ahead

The key to running a successful social media platform, or coordinating several, is planning. Facebook will allow you to schedule content up to months in advance, and social media managing tools such as Hootsuite can help you to schedule across several platforms. However, hands-on, personal management is important to ensure your posts stay relevant and to maintain momentum. This can take time, so it may be less burdensome to have your accounts managed by a PR professional, rather than in house.


  1. Analyse

You or your PR professional can also use analytics tools to understand what content is working, and what is not, as well as your reach and the demographic of your followers. All of this information can be used to better tailor your content to ensure you are always engaging with, and providing value to, your audience.