“The intent behind the Perks Business Boost Awards is to provide invaluable support to small business operators in South Australia at a time when South Australia has the lowest start-up rate across the country and a high level of unemployment.”

Mark Roderick
Managing Director, Perks

“Often the difference between success and failure for many small businesses and start-ups is getting access to the right advice early in the journey. Unfortunately, many people starting businesses don’t know where to get help and assume they cannot afford to pay for it. These awards solve both problems.”

Mark is the Managing Director of the Perks Group. During his 20+ years at Perks the firm has grown from a simple accounting practice with 15 employees to an integrated financial services business with over 140 employees. He is an expert at providing hands on advice to private business owners in all aspects of their role. Mark’s insight, gained over this time, underpins the strength of his advice and ability to provide relevant and viable solutions to his business clients.

As well as the extensive experience that comes from advising a broad cross-section of businesses, the firm has been Mark’s training ground for advising clients on the running and growing of successful business across many different industries. Through his hands-on management of Perks, Mark is experienced with managing the challenges, issues and pressures confronted by private business owners.