“Success for business owners does not magically happen – there are a multitude of factors attributable to ongoing business development and success. Getting the right advice is paramount to this. These Awards provide a wonderful opportunity for participants to access experienced business and PR advisors that work daily with businesses across all industries.”

Fiona Hele
Professional Board Director & Business Advisory Expert


“As a business owner you need to be passionate about what you do but too often emotion gets in the way of growth. Having a trusted business and PR advisor will ensure you are challenged and held accountable to reaching your full potential. We will be there to guide you – and make sure you have fun along the way!”

With more than 20 years’ experience, Fiona Hele headed up the Perks Business Advisory division, providing clients with strategic business advice, until the end of 2016. Fiona’s primary areas of focus include strategic business planning and succession planning, Corporate Governance, People and Culture management, profit and process improvement, due diligence and feasibility studies. She has worked closely with business owners to achieve both a short and long-term perspective, whilst balancing the unique challenges of business dynamics.
Fiona has now decided to use her extensive experience to follow her passion for the Board Room in her new career as a Professional Board Director. She remains a Consultant for Perks and continues to work alongside our clients in the provision of strategic business advice.

Fiona was a previous Board member of the Adelaide Fringe and currently sits on numerous Boards including the Adelaide Venue Management Corporation, SeaLink Travel Group and the South Australian Tourism Commission.